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Listen you Dandelions!
Don't try to be daisies. Don't try to be tall like the trees.
Did some of you try to be pink? Be content - be yellow.
It is not failure if you are not pink Dandelion.
Be the flowers you were meant to be...
but learn from others,
learn from the thin grass
and recover from life's blows,
even from trampling boots,
all is not lost if you remember
you have roots.
Live each summer for itself.
Let it be a beautiful summer that lasts
right up to the second frost.
And in winter go underground and grow;
don't just wait.
You don't have to sing
at the very first day of sun,
but by autumn try to have flowered
at least once.
Wait for the friendly little flies.
Take your turn for the sun to find your spot.
Some colours are unlikely,
others impossible, (probably.)
Much can be achieved in
a short flowering season for which
we have waited all winter.
At any time there may appear opportunities.
Take credit for having flowered when you could.
(Remember some other year)
and add it to your contentment.
It isn't always as easy to be a flower
as the Trees think it is.
Life is a lot of waiting;
things happen slowly.
We do it for the seeds,
we all know that.
No two flowers are ever the same.
Every Dandelion matters! Trust all.
Recognise that we are all flowers, together,
even the Trees are 'sort of flowers'.
Talk flowers, try to talk.
Stop looking at each other askance.
We are all insecure.
Speak to each other.
Communicate your plight.
Share your doubts.
Talk and tell of truth;
It will fill all that waiting,
with meaning.






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Carol Batton - Poet

Manchester based poet Carol Batton is unique. She is a living legend who shares her poetry with the world. A  frequent performer at poetry events in and around Manchester, Carol also distributes copies of her poems to anyone who cares to read them. She estimates that she may have given away fifty thousand sheets of poems.

Her writing deals with a wide range of subjects including environmental issues and the difficult topic of mental illness. Her poetry can be sad, witty, angry and above all full of her strength of spirit. In fact, she has been described as ‘the poet laureate of the survivors movement’.

Her debut collection of poems ‘Page Fright’ is published by The Bad Press.                           ISBN 1-903160-00-6  www.thebadpress.co.uk


DOB: 1/3/51

Religion: Jewish; Quaker attending; Eclectic; Tao!

Favourite colour: Don't know but I've been called The Psychedelic Sunbeam Kid.

What is your mission in life? To expose psychiatry as bad; to do the poems and get through life somehow.

Are you drawn to any particular places or cultures? The city centre, Manchester and people.

Regarding poetry, who are you inspired by? Emily Dickinson's use of dashes - !

If you were a TV character who would you be ? Me!

But you're not a TV character. But I could be!

Your favourite film stars or celebrities? Aiden Gillen from 'Queer as Folk' because I'm a fag hag, though reliable sources tell me he's not gay!

What do you think is the most desirable profession? Poet. People are good at different things and we should do what we choose to do and what we're good at.

Which would be the most unappealing profession to you? Something unethical or dangerous eg. making weapons.

Favourite people: My boyfriend and handsome young men and gay men and gay women because they love me. In fact nobody else loves me but gay women. Gay women think I'm the bees' knees. Straight men only love my body!

Favourite animals: Cows, they're delicious. Do you want to know the truth? I don't actually eat that many of them. That's why I find them delicious.

Favourite Plants: Every plant including dandelions. My 'totem animal' would be a plant.

What are your views on the state of the world? "Nothing can change 'cept me, the world's injustice remains, but I can be kind." It's alright I'll be off it in twenty years.

Name three things one might find in your attic. Haven't got an attic, do you mean my bedroom? You'll never find anything in it, it's so full of stuff.

What sort of stuff? Pieces of paper.

Name three things one might find in your food cupboard: Orange juice, stuffed vine leaves, a tin of baked beans I've never eaten that dad bought.

Don't you like baked beans? Too much sugar and salt. There's always something in the cupboard I never eat / I've never ate.

What are you reading just now if anything? Poetry books, 50 of them.

If you had three wishes, what would they be? For 50 more wishes - forget the rest, I'll have to think about them.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? "I'd rather be alone with a schizophrenic, Yeah!
Than a psychiatrist".

Biography and profile compiled by Helên Thomas